Health Invest is a property developer that was founded in 2008 in Antwerp, from where it operates throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Health Invest specialises in urban revitalisation projects and extensions, with its ultimate aim being to create sustainable projects that provide integrated solutions while also satisfying the wishes and requirements of clients, and this without quality or price having to be sacrificed.


Quality, sustainability and aesthetic appeal are the leitmotifs that Health Invest adheres to in both the development and construction of its projects. The quality aspect comes into play because Health Invest believes that it is precisely in the city centres where revitalisation projects must raise the bar in terms of quality of life.


Sustainability is a leading factor because a Health Invest project must withstand the test of time, and in the far future it must still be able to provide added value to both people and its environment.

Aesthetic appeal

Aesthetic appeal remains crucial because beauty is not only timeless, it is also – and always will be – important to the beholder’s eye. Health Invest strives to manifest itself in emphatic terms in the field of sustainable project development. In order to achieve our goals we rely on partners, mostly through fixed relationships, who can each contribute their own expertise.

Olivier Beherman, founder of Health Invest

Health Invest was founded and is run by Olivier Beherman. He has been active as a project developer for over ten years and is the man behind two leisure projects in the Swiss cities of Geneva and Zurich, amongst numerous others, where he built cinemas with leisure centres for Warner Village Cinemas.

In Belgium he was behind the development of a leisure centre and cinema in Namur, while in Sint-Niklaas Beherman developed a large-scale urban regeneration project with a commercial and leisure centre near the train station.

In the Netherlands, at the initiative of Heineken, he embarked on the Skidôme Terneuzen project, namely an indoor ski slope with a leisure and retail centre located south of Terneuzen and covering the Zealand Flanders region. Health Invest has now drawn up fresh plans for a further extension of the leisure centre.”.