Working closely together to arrive at the end product. Projects may be different in size, nature and content. The underlying philosophy for Health Invest to develop will always be the same.

Health Invest is an Antwerp-based company that focuses on developing high-quality housing complexes and leisure centres. The company was found in 2008 by Olivier Beherman for the purposes of undertaking construction projects in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Health Invest has the objective of fulfilling projects that are of a high quality in terms of construction and design and that also add value to the environment in which they are built. During the path from concept to delivery we employ a holistic view, in which the interaction between the clients, architects, contractors, public bodies and the financial partners constitutes the central focus. This integrated approach to the process employed by Health Invest results in an optimised project flow and high-quality end results.

As a project developer, Health Invest works with renowned and reliable partners, each of which contribute their own expertise, be it in the fields of finance, commerce or construction. The traditional residential market aside, Health Invest also places an emphatic focus on the niche market of urban revaluation and regeneration projects with ‘a combined living, commercial and recreational purpose’. This means that Health Invest seeks out projects that will breathe a fresh impulse into the urban environment in terms of quality of life, and which will also enable or re-enable new cultural and social developments.