The renovation of Résidence Gabriël in the centre of Nivelles

The renovation of Résidence Gabriël in the centre of Nivelles is nearing completion. The outside wall and the roof of the compound are completely renovated and with its contemporary black and white look it provides extra flair to the environment. It is expected that the last interior works will take another four weeks, and then the residential-commercial compound can be delivered in the course of July.

Health Invest ordered the renovation of the building in March last year. A month later, the demolition of the interior of the old apartment building started. This operation turned out much more laborious than initially thought. The complete interior work needed to be fully renovated, from the walls to the wiring and from the glazing to the roofing, which has now been completed.

Résidence Gabriël consists of six modern apartments varying in size from 70 to over 100 square metres of living area, with one or two bedrooms and/or terrace. Several units have already been sold. The ground floor has 350 square metres of commercial area. To be organised as one or two shops. More information about this project is available elsewhere on this site under Résidence Gabriël.

Mr.Olivier Mathurin
Immobiliere Sogefi
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1400 Nivelles
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