by Olivier Beherman

This represents more than 133 m² retail space on the Place Delalieux under the renovated Résidence Gabriël in the centre of Nivelles. ASAP has high expectations of the new branch, because it is situated at a perfect location near the centre of the town, while at the same time it is also an important arterial road.

Health Invest, the initiator for the modernisation of the premises, does not exclude the possibility that the last vacant space in the premises, a retail space covering 204 m² including a small garage, or storage space, will be occupied by an employment agency.


In order to accommodate ASAP, a few more architectural issues on the premises need to be arranged. This concerns exterior joinery, ventilation grilles, heating elements and plasterwork. In mid-December the entire renovation of Résidence Gabriël will be completed.
Health Invest commissioned the renovation of the building in March last year. The operation turned out to be more drastic than originally assumed. The interior had to be completely renewed, from walls to wiring, from glazing to roof cladding, and all that has now been done. The building consists of six modern flats, varying in size from 70 to more than 100 m² living area, with one or two bedrooms and/or balcony. All housing units were sold. There is still one retail space available on the ground floor.

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