The former Athenaeum of Jemappes transformed into housing

Six buildings are to be built on the site of the former Athénée de Jemappes, providing accommodation for 54 households.

The site of the former Royal Athenaeum in Jemappes has been looking for a new destination for years. Disused for decades, it has become a cancer in the heart of the city, wedged between the Rue des Représentants and the Avenue de la Faïencerie.

But this time we have never gone so far in its potential reconversion. The company Health Invest, based in Bornem in the province of Antwerp and owner of the 1.3 hectare site, has applied for a permit to build a complex of 54 flats divided into 6 buildings, an underground car park with 54 spaces and a residential park. The project is subject to a public enquiry, which ends on 7 July.

Originally, 61 flats were planned on the site of the former school, but the project was recalibrated after dialogue with the city. In the end, 25% of the site will be built on, with the rest being given over to green spaces. As the car park will be underground, there will only be about ten spaces on the surface.

It should be noted that the historical building of the Athenaeum dating from the 18th century will be preserved, as will the surrounding wall. "The historical imprint of the site will therefore be preserved," said the alderman for urban planning, Maxime Pourtois, recently in the columns of the DH.

The flats will have one to two bedrooms. The buildings will also include eight social housing units, which will be managed by the Social Housing Agency (AIS).

Beyond the project, the alderman is pleased to see that Jemappes is attracting investors. "On the other side of the road (Avenue de la Faïencerie), Concept Confort is developing flats. These types of projects allow us to reintroduce diversity.

After the public enquiry has been completed, the municipal college will issue an opinion. The empowered official of the Walloon Region will then rule on the permit application.

Megadeal AG Real Estate in Mechelen

4 February 2020
New partnership between AG Real Estate and Vooruitzicht in Mechelen. Right before the new year, AG Real Estate and Vooruitzicht reached an agreement with the Beherman family to acquire the grounds of Park Ragheno NV in Mechelen. In acquiring these 11 hectares, which account for about one third of the development potential at the Ragheno site, AG Real Estate and Vooruitzicht obtained a key position on said site, together with the companies MGRE and NMBS (Belgian Rail).

The Ragheno site already plays host to the headquarters of the Red Cross, Wolters Kluwer, the fashion group FNG and a regional headquarters of De Lijn [Flemish public transport]. The City of Mechelen wants to upgrade it by drawing up a Spatial Implementation Plan (SIP), with mixed functions at its core.

The draft Master Plan, which has already been approved, provides for some 2500 housing units, 140.000 m2 worth of office space and additional urban features such as schools, a large recreational park and community facilities to accommodate the evolving needs and growth of the City of Mechelen. This upgrade will be launched with Galapagos, a biotech company, which has applied for an environmental permit for its headquarters.
Located near the Mechelen railway station, which is also to be upgraded, the site is strategically located in terms of mobility and accessibility, with major cities Antwerp and Brussels being under 22 minutes away. This project is a sequel to the successful cooperation by and between AG Real Estate and Vooruitzicht which originates in the collaboration on the Regatta project in Antwerp.

About AG Real Estate
AG Real Estate, a wholly owned subsidiary of AG Insurance, is an integrated real estate operator active in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and on certain European markets with expertise in different lines of business: Asset & Property Management, Development & Construction Management, PPP and real estate financing, as well as in Car Park Management through its subsidiary Interparking.

A city stakeholder, AG Real Estate has a workforce of more than 250 employees with varied profiles and skills. With a portfolio under management (for its own account and on behalf of third parties) of more than €6.5 billion, AG Real Estate strives to address responsibly the new urban needs and is implementing a sustainable development policy to give even more sense to its projects.

About Vooruitzicht
Vooruitzicht has been building and developing property in and around Antwerp for more than 115 years. Quality is very important to us. You can see this quality in every aspect of our new-build projects. We always select top locations in terms of accessibility, public transport, greenery and parks, culture and shops. This is combined with stylish architecture that fits perfectly with the way we live today and with modern standards. We consider these basic requirements for houses and apartments that offer added value.

Our aim is to make life in the areas developed by Vooruitzicht as pleasant as possible, so that residents feel completely at home. This means that we think not only about project development, or where people want to live, but also about neighbourhood development, or how people want to live.  We therefore take the needs of all interested parties into account, including local residents, buyers, renters and/or investors. Vooruitzicht also offers all elements of project development under one roof. What our customers like about our way of working is the fact that we manage everything ourselves, from the very beginning to completion. This means that our clients communicate directly with someone from Vooruitzicht during every phase they are involved in, which goes a long way to explaining the high quality standards we set for ourselves.

Today, Vooruitzicht is still known primarily for its property projects in and around the city of Antwerp, such as Land Van Hop and the Stadsfeestzaal, Zuidervelodroom, the Vismijn, Hippodroom, Hemixveer, the Regatta district in Linkeroever and many more. We now have a second location in Turnhout, home to the Heijzyde project.

Renovation hall complex next to De Motte SME Park

New impulse for business activities in Mechelen

Renovation hall complex next to De Motte SME ParkGescande afbeelding CiJxy

Project developer Olivier Beherman has applied for a building permit from the municipality of Mechelen for a major renovation of a number of factory halls on the Ragheno site that connect to the old Ragheno hall where Peugeots were made until 1975.

The renovation concerns various spaces with a total surface area of 2500 m². It is not a supplement but a continuation of the rehabilitation process of the local SME zone. The existing building will be brought as much as possible back to its original appearance. The coatings added later are removed and the brick walls are restored. The shed roof will be replaced and extended over the entire length of the existing building. To meet contemporary needs, the building is divided into different entities and equipped with new gates, integrated into the existing section of the facades. The updated units are intended for rental.

Gescande afbeelding CiJx
The vacant site for the shed will be furnished with ample parking spaces that will be embedded in landscaping on site. The works will be carried out by Vulsteke Industriebouw from Kortemark, who previously realized the SME park De Motte with 14 new business units next to the hall complex. Olivier Beherman hopes that renovation work can be started shortly. Afterwards, the large Peugeot hall will be tackled in collaboration with the public actors.

Luxury apartments in the heart of Mons

Affordable luxury apartments in the heart of Mons

Living in new, modern and spacious apartments in the center of the old town. Health Invest built on the site of the ever so famous film house Le Corso 17 units different in size but all carried out with high quality durable materials. Some apartments have a roof garden and a terrace. A spacious garage under the complex provides private parking spaces. The living units are now available on the market with the options of sale or rental. Further information can either be found on this website or you can contact:

Mrs. Ilona Esther Sekula
Health Invest SA
Industrieweg 3
2880 Bornem
+32 (0)476 60 65 37
+32 (3)890 91 11

Renting or buying in the heart of Mons

Living in the heart of Mons in new, modern and spacious apartments constructed from sustainable materials of outstanding quality. Yes, you can. Development company Health Invest erected 17 beautiful living units in the place that once accommodated the renowned cinema Le Corso, which are now being offered on the market and can either be bought or rented.

'Le Corso' sprouted from a wish by the City of Mons and of the development company Health Invest to create a new harmonious living environment in the centre of the historical city in the place of the defunct cinema. Heritage, contemporary architecture and luxurious interior decoration go hand in hand in this project.

The complex on the site of the former cinema in the centre of Mons consists of seventeen different living units, ranging from bedsits to apartments having one, two or three bedrooms. This diversity responds to the demand for the offer of various types of housing in the city. The living units are open at the back to be able to take advantage of the optimum orientation in relation to the sun (natural light) and the view of the fenced garden. Every apartment has been excellently finished and fitted with everything to accommodate the wishes and needs of modern households. The project’s most important characteristic is the presence of greenery on every floor and of the large green patio within the group of residential units. Some living units even have roof gardens. The project has been rounded off with an amply accessible spacious parking garage consisting of private parking places.

Health Invest has had a special specimen living unit decorated which can be viewed on appointment. The purchase prices for the living units for sale range between 186,250 and 390,757 euros. Depending on the surface area, the prices for the rented apartments vary between 750 and 1250 euros per month. A parking space costs 25.000 euros to buy or 100 euros per month to rent.


You will find more detailed information regarding Residence Le Corso on this website.

For more information or for an appointment, please contact:
Mme Ilona Esther Sekula
Health Invest SA
Industrieweg 3
2880 Bornem
+32 (0)476 60 65 37
+32 (3)890 91 11

SME park De Motte. Mechelen gets an extension!

by Olivier Beherman

The SME park ‘De Motte’, developed on the Ragheno park in Mechelen, is being extended with a thorough renovation of the original buildings of the old Peugeot factory. Last year, the contractor Vulsteke Bedrijfsgebouwen started the project (which is a joint initiative of Vulsteke, the Beherman Group and DGI). Construction was delayed to provide clarity about access to the new SME zone.

Today, the parties are ready to start with the roadworks. Due to the heavy rainfall of the past few weeks and the wet soil, which have an impact on the continuation of the activities, they will first lay the access road. The contractor will then be able to get his heavy equipment onto the site and continue working on the 14 modern SME units, with areas ranging from 350 to 450 m². Five units have now been sold. There is continued interest in the remaining units. The entire SME park is expected to be taken into use this spring.

The SME units are being offered with three alternatives. Rectangular with a flat roof, with a saw-tooth roof or with a floor. Each unit will be connected to the utilities. Three parking places are planned per unit, plus a 4.5 m electrical sectional gate. The warehouse will have a clearance of 6 m high. The units A1 – A3 – A4 – A5 and A14 will also be provided with an intermediate platform, thus creating more useful space. Each unit has finished sanitary fittings. The purchase prices for the new units vary between 400,000 and 560,000 euros.

Moreover, enough parking spaces have been planned on the business park with charging stations for electric cars. Vegetation has also been thought about to make pleasant surroundings.


(impressions of the modernised old Peugeot factory)

Landowner and co-developer the Beherman Group will give an additional impulse to the new SME zone. Besides the new units, the Group also owns the former old factory halls belonging to the original Peugeot factory. Most of these halls are leased.


The Group intends to restore the southern part of the complex to its former glory; this concerns the former Peugeot assembly factory, which was in service from 1954 to 1979. The masonry will be cleaned, the roofs will be covered with blue polycarbonate sheeting and the whole will be framed in an orange metal frame at front and rear. The modernised part of the former car factory will have a usable area of more than 1,750 m². The Beherman Group will put these halls up for rent.

Real estate agent DGI will be pleased to provide more information about the new SME park ‘De Motte’.

Opening Kids&Us completion of Gabriël project in Nivelles

by Olivier Beherman

A great addition for the city of Nivelles. That is what Pierre Huart, Mayor, said about Kids&Us, the local branch of the language institute of Spanish origin.

With the language school of lady principal Jessica Yernaux Kids&Us, which teaches English to children aged 1 to 18, opens the thirteenth branch in Belgium. According to Jessica Yernaux the strength of the institute lies in the playful teaching methods for the English language, not with rigid traditional class methods, but with individual playful assignments.






Photo: mayor Pierre Huart of Nivelles

Jessica Yernaux









Photo: director Jessica Yernaux van Kids&Us


The opening of the language institute is for Health Invest also the final completion of the Résidence Gabriël project at Place Emile de Lalieux in Nivelles. A few years ago Health Invest bought two old properties on the square, both with a housing and commercial purpose.

The buildings were completely stripped, and then fully rebuilt and regenerated. The full renovated building consists of six modern flats, varying in size from 70 to more than 100 m² living area, with one or two bedrooms and/or balcony. All housing units were sold rather quickly. Two commercial areas were still available on the ground floor.

Photo Exterieur Résidence Gabriël

Kids & Us
One was transferred to the Limburg business family Peumans, owner of one of the largest employment agencies in Belgium, the quickly growing As Soon as Possible (ASAP). The new branch in Nivelles has now been open for a couple of months.

The neighbours, Kids&Us, will open the doors for the first students on 20 September. Up to now about 95 children have been registered for English classes, and this number is expected to rise to about 200 this year. Health Invest is now investigating options for new projects in and around Nivelles.


Photo Interieur Kids&Us

A new lease on life for the old Ragheno site in Mechelen

by Olivier Beherman

Often, once the wind of change starts to blow, more is levelled than was at first assumed. So too at the edges of the Ragheno site in Mechelen, where at the start of this year the Beherman Group, Vulsteke Bedrijfsgebouwen (Industrial buildings) and Real Estate Agent DGI started with the construction of a new SME park. It comprises 14 modern units for small and medium-sized business – units varying in floor area from 356 to 453 m² in different styles and price settings. The first units have already been sold. The park, called De Motte, will be ready for use in the summer.


Ragheno-fabriek-busAs construction of De Motte progressed, the Beherman Group's idea of also renewing the adjacent parcels became increasingly viable. The new SME park and the old sections of the Ragheno factory, where once Peugeots, buses and railway carriages were built, were very much in conflict. This was reason enough for the group to tackle the old buildings once more. At the end of this month, the former car factory roofs and drain pipes will be cleaned and where necessary repaired.

Also, the Ragheno site's administrative building, which in its current form dates from the second half of the nineteenth century, will be given a major renovation. The entire roof will be renewed, the entrance will be renovated and the lighting for the site entrance and the administrative building will be adapted to suit current needs. Energy saving LED lighting with a warm glow has been opted for. Paintwork will also be carried out.

oude-loodsencomplexIn addition, the Beherman Group wants to get rid of the oldest part of the warehouse complex opposite the new SME zone. That part will not be renovated, but demolished.

Five new business units will be constructed on the area thus freed up, probably this year. These are entrepreneurial spaces with an area of 500 m². The renewed Ragheno site will of course be provided with parking space, green space and modern lighting.

The popular Residence Le Corso

door Olivier Beherman

It is still something special. Once Romy Schneider slid past on the big screen as Empress Sissi, Clint Eastwood was silent in numerous roles and Alain Delon was a masterly Mr Klein, Peter Sellers guaranteed laughing cinemas and the young Jane Fonda and Brigitte Bardot were still very beautiful.


Résidence Le CorsoIt all happened in the Le Corso cinema in the old centre of Mons. Happened, because the cinema is gone. History.

Le Corso is still there though, but it is now a modern, luxurious residence. Two years ago, property developer Health Invest purchased the old movie theatre and developed a plan for the realisation of a future-proof residential area on the site that for the people of Mons represents a significant amount of emotional value. With success.

The old cinema was completely demolished and a total of 17 flats were built, differing in size, but uniform as to construction method and finish. Beautiful, light, sustainable and of high quality. Underneath the residential units, there is room for the residents to park their cars in their own parking spaces in the parking garage.

The first flats and parking spaces have already been sold. The rest will follow in the coming months.

Résidence Le Corso residence-le-corso-03

There is plenty of interest, partly because the market for this type of flat in the centre of Mons - spacious, modern and with a considerable amount of natural light - is extremely limited.

This month, a model flat will be furnished in Residence Le Corso for those who may be interested. For viewing, arrange an appointment with one of the contacts whose addresses can be found on this website.

Health Invest wants to convert the Royal Athenaeum of Jemappes in Mons (Bergen) into a green residential area

door Olivier Beherman

Health Invest, the property developer from Antwerp, is in the running for a plot of land in the centre of Jemappes, not far from Mons. This concerns the terrain of the former Royal Athenaeum of Jemappes in Mons, an educational institution where, in the past, a large number of people have followed their education, but that has now been vacant for years.

The plan is to demolish the old school buildings and to earmark the majority of the plot of land for rebuilding. A total surface area of nearly 8,000 square metres is involved. A few strict conditions have been set for the rebuilding work. The old trees on the plot of land may not be felled, because they are of great natural value. In fact, the trees will be incorporated into the building plan. On the one hand that is a burden, on the other hand it is an advantage, as the public green space in the new neighbourhood will immediately acquire a mature character.

Taking into account the existing green spaces, the necessary access roads and paving, as well as parking facilities, the plot offers space to some 61 flats with one, two or more bedrooms and various garages. The development will be constructed in the form of a garden, with plenty of public green space. Within the foreseeable future, it will be announced whether Health Invest may proceed with the project in Jemappes.