Living in the heart of Mons in new, modern and spacious apartments constructed from sustainable materials of outstanding quality. Yes, you can. Development company Health Invest erected 17 beautiful living units in the place that once accommodated the renowned cinema Le Corso, which are now being offered on the market and can either be bought or rented.

Le Corso‘ sprouted from a wish by the City of Mons and of the development company Health Invest to create a new harmonious living environment in the centre of the historical city in the place of the defunct cinema. Heritage, contemporary architecture and luxurious interior decoration go hand in hand in this project.

The complex on the site of the former cinema in the centre of Mons consists of seventeen different living units, ranging from bedsits to apartments having one, two or three bedrooms. This diversity responds to the demand for the offer of various types of housing in the city. The living units are open at the back to be able to take advantage of the optimum orientation in relation to the sun (natural light) and the view of the fenced garden. Every apartment has been excellently finished and fitted with everything to accommodate the wishes and needs of modern households. The project’s most important characteristic is the presence of greenery on every floor and of the large green patio within the group of residential units. Some living units even have roof gardens. The project has been rounded off with an amply accessible spacious parking garage consisting of private parking places.

Health Invest has had a special specimen living unit decorated which can be viewed on appointment. The purchase prices for the living units for sale range between 186,250 and 390,757 euros. Depending on the surface area, the prices for the rented apartments vary between 750 and 1250 euros per month. A parking space costs 25.000 euros to buy or 100 euros per month to rent.

You will find more detailed information regarding Residence Le Corso on this website.

For more information or for an appointment, please contact:
Mme Ilona Esther Sekula
Health Invest SA
Industrieweg 3
2880 Bornem
+32 (0)476 60 65 37
+32 (3)890 91 11