New start for wintersportcenter Terneuzen

The Terneuzen ski slope will be off to a fresh start on 1 October 2012 under the name Skidôme Terneuzen. The Rucphen businessman Nicky Broos, owner of Skidôme snow amusement park, will not only revive the ski slope but also the restaurant facilities.

Zealand Alp
While the Skidôme snow amusement park features the highly popular Café-Restaurant de Nederlandse Alp (Dutch Mountain restaurant), the Café-Restaurant de Zeeuwse Alp Zealand version is now set to be launched in Terneuzen. As of 01 October everyone will be welcome to take a break from skiing and snowboarding in the restaurant and have a bite and a drink in the wintry atmosphere. You’re always welcome to discover the affordable quality and customer-oriented service that takes pride of place in the Zeeuwse Alp.

Ski slopes and pass-holders
As of 01 October the snow will once again be falling in Terneuzen. Skidôme Terneuzen has a large ski slope, a small one and a fun park. Snowbase pass-holders who lost out can still use their passes to enjoy all the snow facilities until the end of December.