Beherman Group launches PURE M

At the Realty fair in Brussels on Thursday 15 May, the Beherman Group presented a plan for the development of an office complex in Mechelen, which is to become the key project for a very large-scale urban renewal operation in this quickly expanding Flemish city.

The intention is to fully regenerate the Mechelen train station area and its immediate surroundings. The Beherman Group holds 14 hectares of land in the area which is locally known as the Ragheno Park. On this land an entirely new, modern and sustainably built residential-business district will be erected. The Pure M project presented last week, an office building in three segments with underlying parking facilities, is the first one to be developed and built by the Group. This project involves a budget of about €40 million. Olivier Beherman, director/owner of the development firm Health Invest, will be in charge of the project development.