The Skidôme winter sports centre in Terneuzen was officially re-launched on 19 January 2013 when Terneuzen mayor Jan Lonink formally reopened the complex. Skidôme has been run since October 2012 by the Dutch businessman Nicky Broos, who has also manages a winter sports centre in Rucphen since decades.

The owner used the summer months to find a smart and experienced operator, with Broos turning out to be the perfect match. Broos took on the task in October and attempted to get the centre up and running once more by the autumn. Initial results were so good (with 35,000 visitors) that the official re-launch in January became a matter of course. Broos believes it is not impossible to boost attendance figures at the Terneuzen centre to a quarter of a million visitors a year in due course. To do that he will have to focus on the Belgian market in particular.