by Olivier Beherman

Project developer Health Invest and its partner Vulsteke from Kortemark intend to launch the development of an SME estate at the Ragheno park. The Beherman Group owns, through NV Park Ragheno, 11 hectares of land in this planning area and wants to redevelop it to accommodate offices and apartments with the help of its developer Health Invest. On the edge of the development area the group has a cluster of buildings which is used for storage, business activities and offices. Next to the existing buildings lies a large plot of undeveloped land.

This undeveloped site shall be turned into a new centre for small and medium-sized companies in the short term. The planning preparations have already been finalised. Archi.des thinks it can build about eleven SME units on the site with a surface area of 360 m². In addition, there is also room for some larger units of up to 720 m².

The developer, contractor and architect expressly chose three building variants. One variant with a separate entrance door and gate, and with one-directional windows on both the first and second floor and with roof light. The second variant has a projecting façade which accentuates the entrance. The third variant also has a projecting façade, with a shed roof which provides the entire building of indirect sunlight.

Between the modern units there is enough room for adequate access and exit roads, parking spaces (for now there are 112) and landscaping. Further information about rents and sales prices will be available soon.