by Olivier Beherman

Anyone who wants to convert an old cinema into a modern residential complex can be confronted by all sorts of things when they start stripping the old building: secret rooms, thick walls, many old pipelines and much more volume to be demolished than you had bargained on, yet also – after all the rubbish has been removed – more construction volume becoming available (over 20 cubic metres), which then benefits the new apartments, of course.

That being said, the structure (brickwork, roof construction and support structure) in the buildings in the rue des Capucins and the rue de Dinant in Mons is in its final stages and all the members of the construction team are busily working on the actual building, and the finishing-off (electricity, ventilation, heating, inner walls, etc.) has been started.

The concrete slabs of the 3rd floor of the central block have in the meantime been laid, and this will immediately be followed up by the brickwork.The concrete slab of the parking lot is on the point of being laid, so this will still take a number of days. The delivery deadline of October 2016 for the new Corso apartments is still feasible. These are all turnkey apartments. Seventeen in total.

Both the materials used and the interior equipment (built-in kitchen, built-in bathroom and entry intercom) are high quality. The apartments meet the energy efficiency power standards that applied at the moment at which the planning permission was requested.The floor on the ground level is covered with clinker bricks with concrete edges. There is grass in the green areas and mainly indigenous half-standard trees have been planted. The entrance lobbies to the floors are made of exotic wood, supported by a galvanized steel structure. Stairs and railings are made of galvanized metal.

Seventeen different luxury residences, ranging from bedsits to apartments having one, two or three bedrooms, are being constructed in the location of Le Corso cinema in the heart of Mons. Surface areas vary from 57 m² to 140 m². Prices start at EUR 161,460.

More detailed information available from:
Ms Ilona Sekula
Health Invest NV
Mobile: 0476/606537

Find more information on this project on this website under Le Corso Residence, Mons.