Les Rives Montoises

The “LES RIVES MONTOISES” housing project is being constructed in the area known as “Les Grands Prés”, to the south-west of Mons. The location is wholly surrounded by woodlands and can be easily reached by means of a side street of the N6, which is the major linking road between Mons and its southern hinterlands. The project fulfils the demand for social, but still attractive and affordable, housing alongside the major roads leading into Mons. It includes apartments that are being offered to the general public.

The project covers over 1.5 hectares and includes 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, all of which meet the required social standards. The habitable areas of the apartments are as large as possible, as areas for communal facilities, such as staircases and corridors, have been minimised as far as possible. The diversity of choice with regard to the apartments will lead to the socio-cultural enrichment of the area, given that every family – those with children and without – can feel at home in this new suburb that is linked to existing urban areas.

In laying out “LES RIVES MONTOISES”, special attention has been paid to the common green areas, giving the inhabitants a feeling of safety and security and contributing to the social control, which is indispensible to the local quality of life. Trees and woodlands that have had to make way for the construction project have been replanted in those public green areas.

The infrastructure has been optimally designed for all road-users, be they pedestrians, cyclists or drivers. The Rue du Curoir links the housing project’s roads to existing ones while, in order to optimise space, the local road network has been kept to a minimum without accessibility being restricted (in particular when it comes to access for the emergency services). The underground parking guarantees that the suburb is free of the visual impediment of cars, which is a great benefit to the quality of life.