The city of Nivelles is centrally located between Brussels, La Louvière and Charleroi. It lies downstream from the surrounding countryside in the province of Walloon Brabant. At 30 minutes from Brussels, Nivelles is a good alternative living location for people who find their employment in the relatively expensive Brussels metropolitan area. It offers a wide range of services and leisure activities thanks to its shopping mall inaugurated in 2012 and its restaurants, pubs and shops located in the centre and in the south of the city.


Project ‘Résidence Gabriel’ is born from the desire of a Nivellois architect and Health Invest to create a new harmonious living space in downtown Nivelles, combining heritage and contemporary architecture in a comfortable surrounding.

This project is part of architectural initiatives that aim to promote the city centre, giving the possibility to people to reintegrate into the urban heart of downtown dynamics. Located on Place Delalieux, the architectural ensemble spread over two floors will, after renovation with high quality durable materials, consist of six one and two-bedroom housing units. This diversity responds to the concern to host multiple ways to live and to ensure maximum opportunities that meet current living standards. Two commercial units on the ground floor with a total surface encompassing 350 m² will complete the project.

The orientation of the front and rear panel offer a panoramic view of the Place Delalieux. The main feature of the project is to improve the aesthetics of the existing premises and to create a homogeneous ensemble.

The last project plan below:



Cahier des charges – 17022015

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